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Getting off to a slow start

(Bob Kimball) #21

I guess I’m one of those that over-value my paintings. I raised my prices to $80 and haven’t sold one for at least two weeks. Other people are pricing at $100 and selling often.
I used to sell them for $50 (5x7 in) and my sales were fairly consistent. Now I raised my prices at the advise of many people in facebook groups, to $80 and sold about 6 within about a week. I was happy. Now, I haven’t even sold one in about 2 weeks.
Other artists in the Facebook groups thought I was crazy for selling so cheap, and I tried to explain why but I kept getting “raise your prices” comments, so now I think I can provide proof of why I don’t.
I used to sell in the auction format but that was just as inconsistent and besides, I got a lot of "buyers who took a long time to pay or didn’t pay at all.
I don’t think there’s a good solution for the average artist unless your one of the tiny fraction that is selling for high prices consistently.
I think I’m going to have to go back to $50 again.