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Etsy and Amazon Hand Made

(Christine Derrick) #21

I had thought about Etsy for small works. Just recently I patrolled their forums and didn’t like what I read there. New sellers can no longer use Paypal directly to receive their payments, for example. It must all go through Etsy’s own checkout account and they then pay you some (?many) days later.
There was another issue/spat about VAT. Etsy appears to have stamped everyone’s listings with a statement that implies (quote) “VAT is included (where appropriate)”. For buyers in the UK and Europe, this is not a very helpful thing to do (not much help to sellers either). A lot of sellers aren’t VAT registered. Don’t want to go further on all that, but I get the feeling that many arty platforms have more problems attached to them than what they’re worth. DPW is very clean by comparison.

(Bob Kimball) #22

Hello Donna,
I understand what your saying about using Etsy as your main selling site and having everything pointing to it but why would Etsy be any better than any other site for this since there are not many organic views generated from Etsy anyway.
Wouldn’t it be just as well to send your social media to your site? Like in my case, my FASO site. I’m just thinking maybe I’m missing something.

Thank you for all your advise, BTW,

(Sunny Avocado) #23

I couldn’t agree more about DPW! I get a lot of mail from Amazon-especially the handmade part of it seemed intriguing. I shop a lot on amazon, so…