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eBay seller selling rip off prints of some of our art

(J. Dunster) #23

Miss Anaheim Hills is our thief. All clues point to Ms Vargas, but we could be wrong about that. If it’s not her, it does seem very strange that Ms Vargas is also from the Anaheim Hills and that she has similar galleries on DeviantArt and Etsy (though Etsy does not appear to have any stolen art, but the style of her work is consistent with some of the work on dA which also features stolen work).

However, as far as I know, nobody has contacted her, harassed her, or done squat to her. What we’ve done is talk about what MissAnaheimHills has done. We’ve reported MissAnaheimHills for copyright violation. Surely there’s nothing wrong with that. I see no need to contact her first to confirm that she’s ripping us off. She’s ripping us off.

(J. Dunster) #24

We have been filing copyright complaints through eBay (and one artist is going to file a copyright claim through DeviantArt).

If enough of us complain, then maybe this person’s eBay account will be taken down. Since it only seems to exist to sell ripped off art, that seems appropriate.

(Valerie Smith) #25

You don’t get my point. You have no proof but a photo and that deviant account that looks suspcious to me. Maybe someone stole her art like they did to me. Hackers can take everything…they had my phone number posted. I was in chaos for weeks trying to get the info down. Report all you want but dont post a photo of the person unless you know for sure.

(Valerie Smith) #26

And I only say this because it happened to me. Doesnt matter how good an artist you are…hackers want money.

(Valerie Smith) #27

If miss anaheim hills did then the problem needs dealth with on ebay but until then dont cause chaos with someones life

(J. Dunster) #28

All we’ve done is file complaints about MissAnaheimHills. We’ve linked to accounts that appear to be hers. The DeviantArt account contains stolen art, so that’s been reported. The eBay accounts contain stolen art, so we’ve reported that.

We haven’t contacted Ms Vargas personally. As far as I know, nobody intends to. All we want is for the stolen art to be removed. The owners of those accounts which have stolen art have been affected. If Ms Vargas is not the owner of those accounts, she should have no worries…

Nobody posted any pictures of her, that info comes up when we posted links to her Etsy page.

(J. Dunster) #29

MissAnaheimHills on EBay has changed her store name. See this URL change from the old name to the new one. She just made this change yesterday. Funny timing!


(Valerie Smith) #30

Like I said…you dont know who is doing it

(Valerie Smith) #31

Yes you posted her picture here. That’s what I meant.

(Valerie Smith) #32

I guess I just have faith in people. Im too caring

(J. Dunster) #33

You’re not getting the point. MissAnaheimHills is doing it. (Or, excuse me, now it’s JennyEdwardsArt! LOL) We are following clues which take us to more stolen art. We aren’t contacting Ms Vargas (or Ms Edwards or whatever). We are only looking for more stolen art and MissAnaheimHills does seem to be leaving a trail of it wherever she goes! LOL!

The DeviantArt account (the link with the photo) contains stolen art. The photo popped up when I posted the URL. I don’t control that. The art is stolen. That’s why I posted the link. I’m not going to NOT post a link with stolen art just because there is some worry that the profile pic may be bogus. There’s no evidence that it is stolen.

If you believe the profile pic is stolen, you can contact the owner of the picture yourself. :wink:

(Valerie Smith) #34

Maybe I will since you guys don’t have any proof who miss anaheim hills really is and I don’t think you get the point really. I will get to the bottom of this, especially since I see no stolen art on etsy. Doesn’t make sense.

(J. Dunster) #35

We know MissAnaheimHills is MissAnaheimHills. That’s all. We are reporting eBay accounts which contain stolen art. We are reporting DeviantArt accounts which contain stolen art.

There is no stolen art on Etsy (nobody ever said there was any). The DeviantArt account (which had stolen art) linked continually to the Etsy account. Possibly the owner of the Etsy account realizes that Etsy don’t play that game (tolerating thieves the way eBay does). We are searching and finding clues.

If we were calling up the presumed owner of these accounts and harassing her, you might have a point, but we aren’t.

I don’t think the behavior of this person points to them being a hacker trying to hijack Jenny-whoever’s identity. If it were, you’d think they’d try to not cover the tracks which lead to Jenny-whatever. But this person is trying to cover their tracks.

But this is all academic, because you’re right, nobody KNOWS the identity of this thief. Fortunately, nobody here has harassed or bothered any innocent person. We have reported accounts with stolen art. Whoever is behind those accounts is not innocent! :wink:

(Sunny Avocado) #36

That never would have been found out, unless one happened to search the user IDs.

(Diane Hoeptner) #38

Thanks again, J Dunster! I did file a complaint on both listings that were “mine.” They were both removed within 24 hours.

(Sharon Egan) #39

Valerie - Do you have a gallery on this site? Can’t seem to find it.

(Valerie Smith) #40

No. I previously had a subscription but I canceled since I wasn’t getting any views or sales.

(Sunny Avocado) #41

It seems all of missanaheimhills ids were removed from ebay. She is probably using a totally different id now.

(Sunny Avocado) #42

Another id on ebay scamming other artist’s prints as originals.

(Jacqueline Davis) #43

Amazes me what people will buy on ebay.