Do you think that web design is also art?

Do you think that web design is also art?

Maybe more of an applied art - like graphic design and landscape architecture.
They are not based on fine art, but still follow design principals and require creativity, etc.
This is a hot topic in design schools…

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I totally agree. But I’ve seen some websites where design is either ugly either too simple. Do you consider sample design art?

I am not only a painter, I am a web designer with my own company and formerly with a Fortune 100 company. My husband was a programmer and taught me HTML as well as WordPress. His background was engineering. Mine is fine art. He made functional but ugly sites. I make beautiful sites :slight_smile:
I think that pretty much defines the answer. Yes, the code will greatly affect the look and feel but a creative person will use the code to make something pleasing to the eye. The industry name is Interface Design.

What is sample art? That’s a new one for me.

I think there is " an art " to everything you do. I don’t think you will ever get a consensus as to what qualifies “as art”…never mind even what “fine art” is. I made a living doing computer generated art as a graphic designer for 30 yrs.
I think it’s all good and why bang your head against a wall all day trying convince someone why one is more qualified as art than the other?
So many factors enter into that discussion that it becomes mired in subjective feelings quite quickly.
I feel that the only way to approach it is to have
Digital art as it’s own catagory …and hand brushed painting as it’s own category for example…my 2 cents.