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Do you sit or stand when you paint?

(Hilda Rogers) #41

(Sorry, just saw this - haven’t been paying attention to DPW for a while, but I’m back now!) Hi Patricia, no I don’t have casters on my stool…I’m on carpet, or rather a drop cloth over carpet, so, it’s probably just as well. It’s one of those ones from Ikea that is black painted wood and the height adjusts by swiveling. It goes up pretty high and I am not the tallest of people, so it works for me. Hmm, I wonder how that would be with casters, I suspect the ones that roll don’t adjust up so high, maybe because people like me would absent mindedly fall off them from time to time??

(Patricia Disantis) #42

Painting is an action sport! I always stand…I’m usually working on a number of pieces at once; background, marking, layers.