Biggest hang up with your Art?

Someone ask me what my biggest hang up is or what it is I need to learn to help me sell art? Why that is a tough question social media does not seem to sell art, just draws people to the site, different art sites like Dpw ,art pal etc might work but not what you want, does newsletter or email a option what else is out there for a artist this is what I seem to find the most difficult to fine the right ave to work with , as a artist how would you answer what is your biggest hand up in connection with your art? Let me hear your thoughts please Don

I found a variety of venues works best. There are a lot of free websites that give advise on the business side of art., (under articles for artists), are some I’ve learned a lot from. Plus taking a workshop on business of the art through the local art center. It’s definitely a learning process. Social media can be funny. I sold only a handful of paintings throughout the years by posting to facebook, then this year already 4 (one today!). I do commisions, am on DPW, do art shows (all cancelled this year). I take part in 2 fundraisers for an art center (artists keep a good percentage of sale). I entered a show (not accepted, bummer), entered another show, got accepted. I have to get a newsletter out, and write a blog post, both too long neglected. The business side is a lot of work!

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Thank you for your insight always appreciated don

I found getting myself out there is best way. I started painting small paintings everyday until I had a pretty good inventory. I joined Daily Paintworks; a bargain because you get a website page included. I started a blog for free and posted often— gets your name higher on googlesearch. I joined Pinterest for free and made a page with my oil paintings that I pin often. People repin them often so I become known that way.( for free) I joined Instagram and post a painting daily there. I have sold some on there and have link on there to my Daily paintworks page. Where I spend more money is attending workshops to improve my skills. Consistency is the key. I now have steady sales and commissions through several online avenues and as many local shows as I can enter.There are periodic lulls and unexpected pandemics but if you love painting and are not counting on this to fully pay the mortgage we are blessed to have art in our lives. Most people don’t!


Thank you Libby the information you share is very helpful and it makes me feel like I’m heading in the right path, I also use Pinterest and instagram a lot sell budget pictures on ebay my early works, do not have a blog or newsletter yet, sell here and there and that’s ok because I love to paint and express my feelings in my work again thank you greatly appreciated artist friend don

I have found my biggest helper to be my newsletter. I send one every other Sunday to a hundred subscribers via Tinyletter. Started with Mailchimp, but Tinyletter is also owned by them, just more streamlined. Of the hundred, around seventy open it routinely (and some even reply to me). I get repeat customers and they share it with interested friends. I do post some on Instagram, but with my newsletter I’m staying in touch with people who have bought from me or been interested enough in my work that they signed up. I enjoy doing it and keep it mostly pictures of work in progress, my farm and critters, finished pieces…and most importantly (I think) not too wordy. One big plus is that it is like an accountability partner. If I get in a slump, knowing that I want to keep my subscribers entertained and connected, I’ll get off my butt paint!


I’m also very careful to check editing so that I don’t make a mistake like leaving out the “and” in that last sentence!!

Thank you so much dell I will definitely look into tiny letters as I right now I do not have a newsletter or blog maybe it is time again much appreciated for your comments artist friend don