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Best value for acrylics at Michaels crafts?

(Vanessa Constanti) #21

I think you’re right. I have to remind myself that the right tool for the job makes all the difference. I also am so used to painting larger canvasas (more forgiving) that I’m wrapping my mind around using smaller canvasas. That will also make my paint go a longer way. I bought 5x7 but I just started to do 3x4 watercolors and having more fun than I thought I would!. I’m also seeing people sell thise tiny canvasas, which I didn’t think anyone would be interested in! One artist I found on etsy has sold hundreads of them and while I like her work, it’s not the most advanced I’ve ever seen. The artists on here (such as yourself) are so incredible it’s intimidating :slight_smile:

(Vanessa Constanti) #22

Carol’s list of paints called for a Cadium yellow light and I didn’t see a light but I saw Cadium yellow hue and figured they were the same thing but sounds like I was wrong. I haven’t tried any of them uet so I can return it. Although I got them all for 75% off so I’ll probably just keep them and let my daughter use them.

I bought the Koi watercolor travel kit and am having so much fun with it I haven’t even started in on my acrylics yet.


(Hilda Rogers) #23

Haha, Vanessa! 5 x 7 seems tiny, to me! On here I am only doing 8 x10 and that seems pretty small to me, (especially for landscapes) I come from a background in portraiture, where bigger is definitely better and easier. Having said that, I have also done a number of ATC card sized paintings, but only to exchange with other artists (Now THAT is like keyhole surgery, to me!!)
I agree with you that a lot of the artists on DPW are amazing and that it is intimidating…but, honestly, I don’t feel like I am one of them! That’s a wonderful compliment, thank you! All I do is try my best, show up regularly and work hard and I AM proud of how far that kind of attitude has taken me on my journey. I only want to encourage other artists and help them by sharing whatever I know, not intimidate! and more often than not, I am the one doing the learning from other, more experienced artists…for sure :slight_smile:

(Hilda Rogers) #24

And I might add, another good way to save some $$'s is to severely limet your palette. You can have a whole lot of fun in acrylics with a total of 7 or 8 colors, if you pick wisely. Will Kemp recommends 3 warm and 3 cool primaries and white and, if you must (and don’t want to mix your own) a black.

(Vanessa Constanti) #25

You sure have inspired me! Thank you!

(Hilda Rogers) #26

You are very welcome, Vanessa! Anytime! :grinning: