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Anyone Else Having Trouble With Bee & Laurel Art Gallery?

(Judith Elder) #21

An update; Regarding this gallery in Wisconsin, there are eight of us artists (that I know of) who still don’t have our artwork back. There has been some scanty communication from the gallery owner with false promises and continuous excuses.

(Sunny Avocado) #22

Thanks for the update. That is really sad!

(Valerie Smith) #23

Wow that is really scary. I hope you got your money back.

(Trisha Adams) #24

Sounds like its time for a road trip to Wisconsin.

(Judith Elder) #25

Update: One artist has had his paintings returned! A couple other artists may get theirs returned soon! Some of us are still waiting to be contacted.

(Jacqueline Davis) #26

Great news! So glad to hear.

(Courtney Gray) #27

I consigned my candles, room mists, solid and liquid perfumes. I received a box back today with 9 missing candles, several missing sprays, and am so upset already havent even gotten to the perfumes. NOT ONE SINGLE CHECK. Im guessing over $300-400 is missing. which would have been fine if I had ever received any money. I am so sorry for the others whose art has not been returned. its so frustrating. yes wholesale out of state from now on

(Judith Elder) #28

So sorry that you have some missing items, Courtney.

Today I finally got my paintings back… all of them… and they are in good condition! It has been one year since I sent them. This ordeal is over for me. I hope everyone else gets their artwork back.


(Courtney Gray) #29

Judith, or anyone, can I please get some contact info to get a hold of her? I ovbiously cannot get in contact, my email is info@benurtured.org, thanks so much!


(Judith Elder) #30

The only way I heard back was when I Facebook messaged her. I tried other ways but none of them worked. I hope you get the rest of your items back.