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Anyone Else Having Trouble With Bee & Laurel Art Gallery?

(Sunny Avocado) #11

Hah, didn’t cat ch that one! I was actually buying the story, at least leaning…

(Jennifer Mercede) #12

Yeah I agree. I also sent her work. I think it’s a goner… But what is she doing with all this artwork I wonder?

(Jennifer Mercede) #13

That is a good idea to find someone local. Even that though… Where would we send someone? Doesn’t seem like the gallery actually exists…

(Juliet Harrison) #14

I was thinking, from one of her earlier stories, that she was battling the landlord since she could not pay the rent…that she might have been locked out and that the landlord has them. In which case he would have sold everything to get some part of his rent back. Or that she sold them at auction to pay her bills.

(Juliet Harrison) #15

I also wonder if the only reason she has answered my phone calls, is that she does not recognize the phone number.

I do have someone, a fellow artist who is not far from her. She offered to PU artwork. But like Jennifer said…where would she go? It appears that the gallery did exist at one time, as there are records on the internet of it in that locale. But nothing now.

(Jacqueline Davis) #16

So sorry to everyone who this has happened to. I can imagine the frustration.

If you type ‘Bee and Laurel Art Gallery’ into Google, here’s what comes up:

Bee and Laurel Art and Antiques, llc - Home | Facebook
https://www.facebook.com › Places › Edgerton, Wisconsin › Shopping & Retail
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To all my artists: Its been a hard hard month…but everything is out of the gallery and in my home! Boxed and ready to go. I will contact you all to find out how to proceed with your boxes/artwork----please be patient and know that your work is safe while you wait. I am so sorry that this all happened …and so fast…I didnt have …

This must be what she wrote on her facebook page before she shut it down so we can’t see the rest of what she wrote. But it sounds as though she does have all the artwork in her home.
It could be a matter of someone calling and asking for the address and offering to go and pick up all the work from her home then. It may be that she is so overwhelmed that she cannot cope. She probably cannot afford to return any of the paintings. I would try to keep the sympathetic approach (I know this is very frustrating) - she is more likely to be receptive to opening up her home?
Just trying to think of options.

(Judith Elder) #17

If anyone would like to stay in touch with about this, feel free to email me at jelderart.com so not everything will be in this public forum.

(Judith Elder) #18

In my research, it appears that she owns her home.

(Juliet Harrison) #19

Do you have an address for it? Because a lawyers letter could go there. Wonder if it is worth having someone drive by the place where the gallery used to be and see what is there.

(Judith Elder) #20

I do have an address.

(Judith Elder) #21

An update; Regarding this gallery in Wisconsin, there are eight of us artists (that I know of) who still don’t have our artwork back. There has been some scanty communication from the gallery owner with false promises and continuous excuses.

(Sunny Avocado) #22

Thanks for the update. That is really sad!

(Valerie Smith) #23

Wow that is really scary. I hope you got your money back.

(Trisha Adams) #24

Sounds like its time for a road trip to Wisconsin.

(Judith Elder) #25

Update: One artist has had his paintings returned! A couple other artists may get theirs returned soon! Some of us are still waiting to be contacted.

(Jacqueline Davis) #26

Great news! So glad to hear.

(Courtney Gray) #27

I consigned my candles, room mists, solid and liquid perfumes. I received a box back today with 9 missing candles, several missing sprays, and am so upset already havent even gotten to the perfumes. NOT ONE SINGLE CHECK. Im guessing over $300-400 is missing. which would have been fine if I had ever received any money. I am so sorry for the others whose art has not been returned. its so frustrating. yes wholesale out of state from now on

(Judith Elder) #28

So sorry that you have some missing items, Courtney.

Today I finally got my paintings back… all of them… and they are in good condition! It has been one year since I sent them. This ordeal is over for me. I hope everyone else gets their artwork back.


(Courtney Gray) #29

Judith, or anyone, can I please get some contact info to get a hold of her? I ovbiously cannot get in contact, my email is info@benurtured.org, thanks so much!


(Judith Elder) #30

The only way I heard back was when I Facebook messaged her. I tried other ways but none of them worked. I hope you get the rest of your items back.