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Process & Technique

Underpainting and background color (5)
Do you take the labels off your brushes? (8)
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Egbert brushes - why do you like them? (3)
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Landscape is harder than still life...am I right? (8)
Linen canvas question (2)
How do you discover your unique style? (12)
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Negative Space in Composition (4)
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Photo Reference Sites ( 2 ) (25)
Painting challenges - 30 in 30? ( 2 ) (32)
Painting with two colours (8)
What's your one BEST tip for stunning color temperature contrasts? (11)
Visual means visual! AAAA! (8)
Do you save good ideas for the future? (7)
Should an artist sign her/his painting? (7)
Do you paint the edges of your canvases and boards? (13)
Toning down white acrylic (5)
To glove or not to glove ( 2 ) (21)
Design Tips For a Square Painting (5)