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Working on multiple canvases - do you have multiple palettes?

(Rhett Owings) #21

I like the Masterson boxes too. I have had several for years. I use the petroleum jelly on the edges which helps get the lids on and off easier. I used to put my palette into the freezer, but I discovered that if you don’t let the lid warm up before you take it off, it cracks and splits. So now I set the box into the sun to warm up.
Since I use Cobra water mixable oils, I just lightly spray my palette with water before sealing it. I also work on a piece of glass inserted into my box. I think that helps somewhat to keep my paint damp and is easy to clean with a razor blade. I am going to try the clove oil. Good idea.

(Tessa Stanley) #22

My masterson lids warped very quickly also and my studio is definitely not warm. I tried weighing the lid down for a week with some heavy books while on the box but really have not found anything to help. I had taken them back to the art store within the first month of purchase but alas he suggested he could sell me a new lid - didn’t see the point. Maybe we just got a bad batch?? Sounds like others have had more success.

(Sunny Avocado) #23

Yes, I was surprised that others had success, I don’t think mine ever fit but for a week. I was being generous when I said weeks or months. Glad to know I’m not crazy. :wink:

(Sharon McIntosh) #24

I take photos of my palette with colors written above in markers. I use to use the masterson palette but it never sealed. I sometimes use a jelly roll pan from Bed Bath & Beyond which seals well. To save space I use a palette https://www.greatarttools.com/palette_garage_store/
Notes help too.