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What time(s) are auction & FB picks chosen?

(Dave Gehman) #1

Been puzzling this for a while. A number of daily paintworks seem to be brought into the What’s New page already chosen to be a “pick of the day” for either DPW auctions or Facebook.

I can see how works entered manually during the previous day could be vetted and ribboned, but…

…since many works are pulled in at midnight (Central? Pacific?) from blogs, how are these ready-born to be a pick? Does the Marine family work all night :slight_smile: ?

Help me understand how DPW works
(Carol Marine) #2

Dave, we do, in fact, tend to work late and early, especially with the picks so as to give the new day’s work as much exposure as we can. We are also helped by being out on the west coast!

(Dave Gehman) #3

OK- mark me as really impressed. The energy level you’ve put into this site is manifested everywhere, from things like this (long hours & dedication) to features to software… many thanks for doing all of this.

(Anne Wood) #4

I totally agree Dave…I admire them and their website. It has made such a difference to me and my art for the last 11 months. Thank you Marine Family.

(Mary Ellen Koser) #5

I can also see the quality and caring in the DPW website and I hope to have sales sometime in the near future.

(Leanne Owen) #6

Yes, I totally agree. DPW’s is a truly wonderful art site in every way. Thank you Marine family.

(Marilyn Place) #7

Thank you for making it so easy to use. It’s very intuitive and easy for a low tech like me to use. I don’t have to spend too much valuable painting time uploading and managing. Much appreciated!

(Carol Marine) #8

Thank you for all your kind words! It means everything to David and I to hear such wonderful feedback!

(Helene Adamson) #9

Please include my thanks among those from other commenters. David, Carol, Sophie, and the DPW team have indeed done a fabulous job. The site is wonderfully user-inuitive and artist-supportive. What’s more the team is always coming up with new and innovative ways to benefit members and enhance how we can showcase our art. I’ve been a member for almost a year and have to say my experience has been beyond what I’d anticipated. It’s been inspiring and motivating, plus I’ve made some grand friends.