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To frame or not to frame when selling a painting?

(Joe Wojdakowski) #22

What do you mean by cheap black frame. What price range do you consider cheap say for an 8 x10 for example. One thing ive noticed is that many successful artist stick with one or two style frames. Even galleries have their artist stick with similiar frames.

(Lana Ballot) #23

Yes, David, I’m aware of this and had to consider all pros and cons. The fact is that many shows require acrylic glazing, they don’t want to deal with possibility of glass being broken. Considering that, I simply had to follow the rules. On the other hand, after having some of my pieces being under acrylic for a few years now, I don’t really see any dust accumulated on the acrylic, maybe it will take longer. I use the anti-static spray on the acrylic. Also, my pastels are done on sanded paper which retains the pigment pretty well, I shake any excess of pigment off before framing. Of course, some particles will become loose as time goes on. Ideally, I’d love to use museum glass to frame my work, but this is way out of reach for me, and I submit my work to quite a few juried shows every year, so I have to keep in mind the possibility of shipping the work across the country and the show’s requirements when I’m framing.

(David Randall) #24

I have those too, probably 30 - 50 different styles.