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Scams - has anyone received suspicious emails?

(Jeff Atnip) #61

Here is a new one for me. I have received my share of scam emails from people asking about my paintings, but here is one asking for help with her brush strokes!?

"I am hoping you could be kind enough to help me on the watercolor brush strokes you used on the mockingbird nest that you have on tube. I have been trying to paint a really realistic nest for forever, mine all come out looking false.

(name removed), on Beautiful Lake Anna
Sent from my iPad"

I don’t know what to think of this one… there is some bad English “on tube” etc… Her email address does not match her name and it is from iCloud.com.

Could this be legitimate?

(Sunny Avocado) #62

I don’t know if it was real, I had similar through Facebook. The one I had was asking for help and review of her work, tips on improvement, and teaching on her brushwork! I said I am no teacher, know next to nothing and would not be a fair judge. Told her lots of free videos and paid videos on YouTube and lots of good teachers there but not me. (I said all of this very nicely of course!) Got one more message ignoring what I said and about just starting out and wouldn’t I help…and I just deleted it.