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Photographing oil paintings in sunlight?

(Sunny Avocado) #21

I never shipped by freight, kind of scares me. If you don’t mind me asking…what company do you use? What size are you shipping freight?

(Trisha Adams) #22

I’ve only had to use a trucking company twice. The first time was a 48"x48" to Key West.

The most recent shipment was a triptych consisting of a center 30"x40" and two side pieces 30"x24"which went to California.

My husband built the wooden crates. The paintings were wrapped in sheet plastic. The crates were lined with foam rubber.

I shopped around and chose Old Dominion Freight. It may have been cheapest because they are out of Winchester, VA not far from where I lived. I bought insurance separately. The cost of the materials, insurance and freight was around $250, if I remember right.

A lot of times, I can combine the delivery of a painting with a trip I’m making. I have a Honda Element which is remarkable for how large a painting it can haul. ;^)

(Sunny Avocado) #23

Wow! That’s great! I only shipped one large (for me), 60x40 to California from Delaware. Used UPS. :open_mouth:

(Trisha Adams) #24

That is large! I didn’t know UPS accepted packages that large. Good to know.