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Photo Reference Sites

(Padmaja Madhu) #21

I like these two sites, one can find some really great free photos!
Sorry, could not place the links, my IPad didnt cooperate!

(Cindy Gillett) #22

I’ve used Paint My Photo…and like it. I primarily use my own photos or imagination but sometimes I need some inspiration!

(Patricia Ann Rizzo) #23

I’ll answer your question because it happened to me. I found one of my paintings on Pinterest on a board entitled “Ideas for a Paint Party”. I asked the owner of the board to please remove my painting as it was a copyrighted original up for sale by me. She never answered. So I reported it to Pinterest. They took the painting off the board and issued her a warning on copyrighted works. I would say never paint a photo unless you know its free to do so or else contact the owner of the photo and ask permission.

(Sunny Avocado) #24

I am wondering if pixabay.com could really be real? It seems that a lot of people have put up professional photos, saying that they are “public domain”. But I noticed that they were also sharing links to buy a cup of coffee etc. so the moneymakers could be stealing photos…just seems there are a lot of really good Photos.

Maybe I have been on ebay too long? Cynical me.

(Sunny Avocado) #25

I read this, so all is good I guess!