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Painting challenges - 30 in 30?

(Debra Kennedy) #21

I’ve done the 30 in 30 twice now and it changed the way I paint and the way I think of myself as an artist. The biggest challenge is lining up your subject matter ahead of time and making sure you have the supplies you need. I learned to keep it small and simplify. Both times I improved immensely in my technique and values. Is usually hit 20-25. I work full time, so some were done at 5am, others close to midnight. Yikes! Go for it!

(Elizabeth Johnston) #22

I will be participating in the 30/30 challenge in Sept. I previously challenged myself to do 100 in a year. I ended up with 57 and boy the progress I made was invaluable.

I learned how to prep for intentional painting, instead of finding myself with an urge to paint, but can’t because I don’t have what I need. I learned that to me, painting is something that I want to do full-time one day, so I prioritized it along with all the other things in my life I see as “important”. I learned to paint more loosely. I wasn’t so anxious about getting started either. You have to through that anxiety right out the door!

I also learned to not be so married to one painting because there would be another one right behind it to begin. When I’m not doing just 1 or 2 paintings every few months, they don’t all have to be masterpieces so I’m not so hard on myself when things do go spectacularly. That being said, you also hit THE ZONE more often when you paint more often. You know what I’m talking about…when it just seems to flow as if it’s meant to be!

Good luck to all who participate in the challenge!

(Leslie Saeta) #23

The September 30 Paintings in 30 Days is happening for sure. It’s a great challenge and the goal for each of us is to paint more. So if you paint just five or six paintings then that is great! It has helped me a lot and changed the way I approach my daily painting - I am more directed and faster. There is also only one rule … And that is to have fun!
Here is the link to the page to sign up. We already have over 500 artists participating. I would love it if you joined me in the challenge.

(Elisabeth Seeger) #24

I did sign up - thanks for doing this for artists!
Betsy Seeger

(Steven White) #25

I just finished my 100… in 123 days… a little behind schedule but life happens. It was intense. Last night was the first night in four months that I didn’t have painting on my schedule and it was a very strange feeling.

It’s been fun reading this thread. I totally agree with how much I learned. It’s accelerated my painting and painting process so much. And I’m excited to continue at a deliberate pace (just like before). So fun! And rewarding.

(Elisabeth Seeger) #26

That’s really helpful feedback - I struggle with wanting each painting to be great and professionally salable. Hope this wil let that go a bit

(Elisabeth Seeger) #27

WOW! That’s AWESOME!!! Congratulations, Steven!

(Janet Ledoux) #28

I did it in January with Leslie Saeta. It was a wonderful discipline and did what I thought it might: moved me to do some quick work outside my comfort zone. I am seriously considering the September 30 in 30. I say do it-you can make the challenge whatever you want it to be, and you just can’t tell what good might come out of it!

(Stevie Denny) #29

I’ve tried 30-30, but it’s too difficult to do a decent painting each day for 30 days, and I ended up posting some rotten work (since deleted). 30-30 works really well for Leslie Saeta, because she gets thousands of hits on her blog; but I’m not sure how much it to promote the artists who participate.

(Anne Stewart) #30

I did Leslie Saeta’s 30/30 challenge. Only made it to 23 paintings. You can see them on my blog www.wolfdancerstudios.com . I recommend it highly! Any challenge helps to get the inspiration going. I found that I was very focused and saw a huge improvement in my painting. A friend and I choose 30 famous paintings and each did our own interpretation. It was awesome. Not only did it inspire us but we found ourselves intrigued to learn more about these famous artists. It was so much fun and educational. Although we didn’t get to 30 paintings we considered ourselves successful.

(Marjie Laizure) #31

I did it too. I actually finished about 26. I scrapped a few off and there were a few days when I was too tired. And I will try it again in January. I am grateful to Leslie Saeta for hosting this because I like having a challenge that makes me paint more and I like feeling like those of us that were doing it were in it together. Sure she gets something from it. What’s wrong with that? We all get something from it.

(Janis Barrett) #32

I tried this a year ago and was unsuccessful, but it taught me a lot — especially what I needed to do to prepare for another attempt! Then I tried again a few months later and I WAS successful! It was a challenge for sure but I certainly learned to paint faster, plan some painting ideas in advance, and realized not ALL paintings need to be 8 x 10 or larger. I would do it again, but I prefer my version, 1 in 52, a year long challenge!