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Non-paying buyer

(Melisa McCurley) #21

Bob, I was wondering if you might be happier using the Buy it Now feature here and setting a fixed price rather than the auction. You might sell less paintings, but the buyers won’t be impulse auction buyers who might change their mind (probably because they’ve bid on and won too many at once). And you’d make what you wanted from each sale instead of having to let paintings go for less than they should have. I don’t like the way auctions work from a seller standpoint. I’d rather know how much I’m going to get for a painting and since I don’t do this for a living I do care that people who end up with my paintings really wanted them. The ere’s no question that the non-paying buyers are in the wrong, but don’t let them suck they joy out of painting for you. You can take control with Buy it Now and not live in auction limbo wondering what will happen with each sale. Why don’t you try it with a few of your favorite paintings?

(Peter Lentini) #22

This has happened to me on several occasions and it seems if they regret purchasing the work then they are embarrassed about contacting the artist. Some of this seems to be due to the structure of bidding if the painting was auctioned. The buyer sets some higher price as the most they will pay, but are shocked if the piece actually reaches that price. In each case I have sent one or two gentle emails and I never ask for payment. I just tell the buyer I would like to auction it again if they are no longer interested. An artist should always treat a buyer with respect and personally I am never grubby about money, if someone wants my work then fine, if not then that is also fine, it is part of what we do.

(Connie McLennan) #23

The whole “daily painting” movement initially began as blogs showing small, relatively quick “daily” paintings linked to eBay auctions. For those who began it or got established early–and are good painters–(Postcards from Provence, Duane Kaiser, Carol), there was/is a lot of demand. I think hundreds of others jumping on board diluted the market somewhat.
DPW’s relatively recent addition of gallery pages is a bonus. I’ve had a few sales from my gallery; but in my experience, most of the action–particularly for those who have yet to build a large collector base–is still from the auctions. With that as the primary model, we always hope the price will increase; but never starting them below what you’re OK accepting–and anticipating that’s probably about what they will go for–prevents disappointment. For both buyers and sellers, auctions should be fun. As with everything, hope for the best, expect the worst.

(Dave Casey) #24

Hey Bob. I think I would suggest you find the podcast called The Savvy Painter and listen to the most recent interview with Karin Jurick. She talks directly about this very thing. Seeing as how I consider her the “Mother” of the daily painting movement (Duane Kieser being the “Father”), I would listen to her. She’s been through it all.

(Kg Waldon) #25

I agree with Amanda - Connie does always have great tips - and I agree. I was amazed when I saw how small Bob’s works are - pocket sized and yet nothing to show he is technically an artist who paints ‘miniatures’. Once you have a little following you need to raise your prices a little each year. This gives value to your customers who bought an early work/works, and keeps you evolving as an artist. This is just my opinion.

(Bob Kimball) #26

Yet another non-paying bidder. I’m actually expecting this to happen whenever I get a “sale”. There used to be a time when most bidders paid either right away or the next morning. Not for me anymore. Now they either pay days later or not at all.

And no communication either.

(Bob Kimball) #27

I’ve tried that many times, Melisa, but I don’t remember ever selling a painting for buy it now. I do know what your saying though. I think auctions used to work but they don’t seem to work for the vast majority anymore.

Thanks for the suggestion.

(Bob Kimball) #28

Amanda, thank you very much for the words of encouragement! I keep thinking there’s going to be a breakthrough sometime, but after all these years, it never happens. This feels like slave labor to me anymore. Lately, I’m doing more marketing. It’s not making a difference yet but one of these days I guess it will.

(Sunny Avocado) #29

OK, what the heck @rkstudio? What gives?? I checked in on you…this being an old thread…and you seem to be doing fantastic!! So you did go with “Buy Now”.

I ‘knew’ you through this thread and was invited into a gallery near my home around October 2015…and there your paintings were too! That gallery has since gone under (sad), but I JUST went to your DPW gallery and you seem to be doing fantastic! Your prices raised, your sales great.

What gives? And bravo!

(Mary Schiros) #30

I have had a couple of non paying auction winners this year. Wouldn’t bother much but I am not sure does DPWs collect commission fee even when the buyer doesn’t pay?

(Bob Kimball) #31

Sunny, I took the advise of Inxlady, and started using the buy now option and it’s working better than the auctions were. At least if someone wants to buy a painting, they have to pay for it right then. I remember a time when the auctions were more desirable for buyers. At least I thought they were.
Anyway, the last time I posted here, I was selling my paintings on auction and for a lot less. Now the changes I made were raising prices much considerably higher and using buy now.
I was using auctions for so long that it was hard to change. Don’t ask why, because I don’t know. Stubbornness, I guess.
Anyway, it’s getting better at least for now. And BTW, I did sell a lot of paintings but not even close to prices I think they should get. It’s kinda discouraging to work 2 or 3 hours on a painting and sell it for $35, not counting all the fees to be paid. I’m sure most of us know that.
Thanks for the advise.

(Sunny Avocado) #32

Yes, I understand that. You seem to have higher prices than that on other items though and you are selling! That’s terrific. So averaging it out over all that you painted and all that you’ve sold would show a better number?

(David Marine) #33


DPW collects the commission fee automatically at the time of the next billing of your membership fee. This is completely separate from the payment for the auction from the buyer.

No worries - if you do have a non-paying buyer, just let us know and we will refund any commission already paid.

(Mary Schiros) #34

HI David The painting called “Fly Over” bid on 7-7-16 was never paired for by the buy. I emailed, reminded and finally tagged the buyer. Right now it is just sitting tagged, pretty sure after all this time it is a no sale. Just letting you know. Thanks Mary

(Connie McLennan) #36

Mary, you should notify DPW via the “support” tab to make sure they get this message.

(Bob Kimball) #37

Wow. I might be getting stiffed on 8 paintings. Yes, I said 8. I put 13 paintings on $1 auctions and they all got bids. 5 of them got paid for immediately, but 8 of them were won by two bidders. 6 to 1 and 2 to the other.
I tried everything I could to get them to contact me, sending reminders…Now I have them flagged. I hope that has some kind of results.