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Mixing brands of oil paints

(Heather Slabosz) #1

I am fairly new to oil painting and have been trying out various brands of paint. Gamlin, M. Graham, Windsor Newton and Williamsburg. Is it ok to mix these brands of oil paints in a single painting? I hope to settle in on one of them eventually but would like to use what I have until then.

(Connie McLennan) #2

No problem mixing brands. I would never restrict myself to a single brand, as colors vary among brands.

(grace diehl) #3

I asked an instructor I had about this same thing. His response was to stay with the brand that you use because different manufacturers may have slightly different color results for the same color label tube. For example a flesh color from W & N may be different from Gamlin’s flesh color. Just something to be aware of,

(Heather Slabosz) #4

I am mostly concerned with the quality of the painting as I hope to be reselling my paintings. In-other-words I am concerned about compromising the surface quality (chemically) of the painting by mixing brands?

(Connie McLennan) #5

That makes no sense. If you like one brand’s color better than another brand’s color with the same name, why wouldn’t you use the one you like best? For example, I use a lot of Utrecht paints, but I much prefer WN’s sap green to Utrecht’s.

(Anne Wood) #6

Don’t worry Heather, go with Connie’s comment. Just paint and enjoy.

(Heather Slabosz) #7

Ok thanks! That’s the answer I was hoping for :smile:

(Joseph LaCorte) #8

Choose your paint for the color you prefer and the feel you like. Don’t choose solely on brand. So I suggest it’s ok to mix brands.

(Gary Westlake) #9

Some like Graham are walnut oil based vs linseed. Does that make a difference? I have so far kept them separate in case it does.