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Insights and thoughts on setting up a Custom Store

(Johnna Schelling) #1

With the holidays coming, wondering if a custom store page (notecards, frames, ornaments, other work, etc.) might be worthwhile. Not sure how people would find it other than a link from facebook or something. Would love links to artists who are already doing this for examples. Haven’t found a way to search and find them tho! Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts.

(Susanne Billings) #2

Maybe an indication by the artist’s name showing that they have a DPW Store would be helpful???

(Kaethe Bealer) #3

I just put up my calendars. I haven’t promoted them yet. You have to go to the gallery page of the artist to see if they sell anything besides paintings. Also, I didn’t realize I was going against policy when I posted a pic of the calendar for the DPW site. It was taken down. My fault for not reading!

(Anna Penny) #4

Kaethe, Love the idea!..as a possible purchaser, I hope my comments are only helpful!..I would like to know if for each month, the “only” month shows? and if so, I think it would be a good idea to show that they are. Also, the images were so small, it was difficult to see them. Now I’m seeing that this is an old post…soooo, how did your sales go? Lots of luck with all of this! I haven’t tried to sell any prints on here or anything else but wondered if anyone was doing well with that. Thanks

(David Marine - DPW Developer and Owner) #7

You can, in fact, search for artists who sell specific item types on their custom store pages. Just go to the Artists page and select an item (or more) in the Also Offers search drop down.

(Johnna Schelling) #8

Another great feature - thanks. Plan to spend more time browsing through DPW talks!