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Artists who leave DPW

(Sunny Avocado) #7

I agree with you Pamela!

(pamela kish) #8

Thanks for your reply…I think most people must feel this way…! Your paintings are always amazing by the way!

(Donna Munsch) #9

I am also leaving for awhile. I have only sold one painting this year at DPW. I have sold more on ebay. I am hoping to return with more new postings soon. I love this site but I need time to figure out if I can continue. My plan is to explore other options and come back with new inventory. I will keep in touch viewing all the lovely paintings here. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring.

(Sue Sneeringer) #10

Sorry to see you go. What is your eBay account so that I can follow you there.

(Donna Munsch) #11

https://www.ebay.com/usr/munscdonn_bfibqx This is my ebay site. Thanks for asking.

(Sunny Avocado) #12

Wow, you are doing just fine on ebay! Congrats, and continued success wherever you sell. :smile:

(Nan Johnson) #13

Unfortunately, I am also looking at leaving for a while. My sales have declined on here the past few years, then dropped off abruptly last year. They are mostly non-existent this year. I am making one last ditch attempt at selling some small, new paintings on here and will make a determination after this month. I’ve been on DPW a long time, but sadly, it just isn’t paying for itself right now.

(Anne Wood) #14

Hello, I left DPW several months ago as sales were not in my favour. Now I am re-joining and hopefully next week I shall be back in business. Looking forward to being with you all again.

(Irina Beskina) #15

Hello, Anne, and welcome back! I missed seeing your landscapes here. Hopefully, sales will be better now!

(Anne Wood) #16

Hello Irina,

Thank you. What a lovely welcome. I am waiting impatiently for my dollars to arrive in PayPal.

The money was transferred a week ago! Then I can pay my subscription.

In the meantime I have been photographing my paintings ready to upload.

If you would like to follow my work… I write a Monday Blog. Studio musings, art chat and images of my current work. Just go to blogspot.uk/anne-wood.

It is a secure connection.

See you again soon, Anne.

(Irina Beskina) #17

Hello, Anne,

Thanks so much for the link to your blog. For some reason blogspot.uk is not accessible today - I tried a few times with no success, but I hope it’s a temporary glitch, and it will work for me tomorrow. In any case I remember your works very well and I’ve always admired your bold brushwork. Hope your DPW gallery will be up and running very soon!

(Anne Wood) #18

Hello Irina, I gave you the incorrect link…sorry, my fault. It should have been… annewoodpaintings.blogspot.com

Thank you for your reply. Best regards, Anne

(Terri-Anne Barge) #19

Glad to see you again, Anne!

(Anne Wood) #20

Thank you Terri-Anne. Soon be up and running.

(Irina Beskina) #21

Thank you, Anne, I figured that out yesterday!

(Anne Wood) #22

Just checked my PayPal and my money still hasn’t transferred. What a pain…seven days! Never mind…eventually I will re-join. :blush:

(J. Dunster) #23

I tried that link but it didn’t work. Is this you? https://annewoodpaintings.blogspot.com/ The paintings are gorgeous!

(Anne Wood) #24


Yes, it’s me! Sorry about typing the wrong link. I must have had a loss of memory.

Thank you for your kind words. I am really looking forward to coming back to DPW. Hopefully by this weekend.

Good wishes and happy painting,


(Christine Derrick) #25

All the best for your return, Anne…you’ve been very busy, judging by the blog. I’m lucky if I get a couple of days spare now, to paint; certainly couldn’t call myself a daily painter. Incidentally, you have inadvertently cost me some money…your adventures with cold wax medium triggered me sufficiently to go and buy a tin to play with!

(Anne Wood) #26

Hello Christine. Thank you for your message. I have been so tied up with preparing for shows that I am now vowing to paint just for me! Well…for now at least. There are still three more group shows this year. The big challenge is deciding which to submit…do I use from my current pile or make new work? I am always tempted to make new work especially since discovering the cold wax. I hope you enjoy yours.