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6x8 Floater frames for panels?

(Leslie Piercy) #1

Anyone know of a place to purchase 6x8 floater frames for panels?

Or does anyone have info on how to make them?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

(Judith Elder) #2

I have been using Blick floater frames. I looked briefly and the smallest size I saw was 8" x 8". Here’s a link: https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-wood-floater-frames/

Here’s a link to pictureframes.com where you can get custom size frames, including floater frames:

Hope this helps.

(Rosemary Antel) #3

I have ordered 6x8, 5x7, and 6x6 floater frames from WebPictureFrames.com and am very pleased with them. Good prices, well made products and beautifully packaged to ship without damage! They also have other framing supplies such as stainless steel wire. Here is the link to their floater frames page.

These small frames come with sawtooth hangers, but not installed, which I prefer, as I like wire better. I can always add the sawtooth if a client requests such.

(Leslie Piercy) #4

Thanks so much, Rosemary, for taking the time to answer. I checked them out and it looks like a great site.

(Leslie Piercy) #5

Thanks so much, Judy!

(Mariette Hebert) #6

I came across this tutorial ,which may help you.

(Leslie Piercy) #7

Fantastic! Thanks for this, Mariette!

(Mariette Hebert) #8

Your very welcome leslie4937

(Connie McLennan) #9

You can also float a 6x6 panel in an 8x8 or larger frame by mounting it to black foam core (or suede, as shown in this example from Julie Ford Oliver on her blog.

(Leslie Piercy) #10

Thanks, Connie. This looks like a great idea, too.

(pamela kish) #11

Check on amazon prime I noticed they had some recently but don’t know about the size…also my local frame shop had some…so you might check your local shop…

(Leslie Piercy) #12

Thank you! I’ll check them out.