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The Business of Selling Art

Photographing oil paintings in sunlight? ( 2 ) [Photographing Art] (24)
What do you do about refunds/returns? Paypal fees [Other Business Stuff] (11)
How do you price your work? [Marketing] (9)
Posting sold art on social media when sold? [Marketing] (3)
Anybody ever get stiffed on a sale from a DPW artist? [Other Business Stuff] (3)
What do you write on the back of your painting? [Other Business Stuff] (12)
Is it easier to sell a painting that is already framed or hangable? [Other Business Stuff] (5)
Dollars or pounds? Prices [Other Business Stuff] (4)
Increasing prices - do you increase previously priced items [Other Business Stuff] (8)
Do you enclose a coupon for future purchase? [Marketing] (12)
Taking art lessons [Other Business Stuff] (10)
Prepayment vs drop-off; insurance; drying time ( 2 ) [Shipping] (24)
Paper tubes to roll canvases before putting in shipping tubes? [Shipping] (6)
Anyone using Artupia? [Other Business Stuff] (4)
Fighting Hazy Photos [Photographing Art] (15)
Reporting income from sales on Federal taxes? Pros Cons [Other Business Stuff] (15)
Commissions on Paintings Formerly Offered for Sale in a Gallery [Other Business Stuff] (11)
Shipping paintings and padded envelope? [Shipping] (19)
Titling your art [Marketing] (7)
Digital Image Sales [Merchandising] (3)
Licensing artwork [Other Business Stuff] (2)
Best marketing method for my art shop? [Marketing] (3)
Buy on Etsy vs buy with Paypal [Other Business Stuff] (3)
Has Anyone Tried Artpal? [Other Business Stuff] (3)
Exchanging Artwork for Customers ( 2 ) [Other Business Stuff] (24)
Why would you use "Contact Artist for Price"? ( 2 ) [Other Business Stuff] (21)
How do you package your paintings for shipment? [Shipping] (7)
Importance of shows and guilds? [Other Business Stuff] (19)
$1 auctions not panning out ( 2 3 4 ) [Marketing] (64)
Iphone - cell Vs camera [Photographing Art] (17)